Worlds Best PreAmplifier ( the Mentor)

Worlds Best PreAmplifier ( the Mentor)

The Mentor Pre-amplifier is our highest level 5 offering – the first question is what is the purpose of a pre-amplifier ? it basically takes a line level signal and generates a line level signal for a power amplifier – why is it important in a high end system – how does it impact sound quality – Well when we are dealing with small signals that enter the pre-amplifier from a source such as a Phono stage or a DAC – there are many frequencies and amplitudes all combined to make up- the audio signal – unfortunately noise is an associated part of these signals coming – it may be infintesimal but when we are dealing with very small signals – the noise can make up a higher percentage of the signal – Lets start with a kick drum – a loud sudden burst – a fairly large dynamic swing will occur and a large AC signal voltage will enter the pre-amplifier – this will then be amplified by the power amp – but what about a very subtle small signal like a very delicate touch of a symbol on a drum set – all sorts of frequencies are generated associated with this signal – many with extremely small signal – noise now becomes a component of that signal – Now suppose a pre-amplifier was designed to Remove virtually ALL noise from this tiny signal and when you hear it now amplified its sound beyond life like – there is extraordinary detail in the delicate symbol strike and you hear it as if you were listening with your ear near a real cymbal – this is the magic of the Mentor – How does it do it – well the secrets in the Shunt Power supply to be explained shortly which preserves all DYNAMICS in a signal and the combination of 2  4pole chokes and 2 4pole power supply capacitors – they act like a vaccuum and remove virtually all noise – once you hear a vocal or an acoustic guitar or a delicate brush of a cymbal you will agree that an extraordinary pre-amplifier like the Mentor will forever change they way you listen to music !


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