L3 Line C-Core Pre-amplifier


L3 Line C-Core Pre-amplifier


European orders – we pay your import duty.

Audiophile DAC 5.1 Signature with many advanced features including:

  • New digital board (SHUNT).
  • New super regulation board.
  • New large can I/V transformers.
  • New 12AU7 & ECC99 line stage.
  • Triple C-Core O/P Transformer.
  • New WE274B SHUNT power supply.
  • Dual mains transformers.
  • Mentor filament board.
  • WBT silver 75 ohm SPDIF.
  • Silver input cable.
  • Available as a kit or assembled
    (finished product).

Finished Product

The Professional edition is build by our factory and contains higher specification parts including:

  • Professionally built by us
  • STD Blackgate capacitors on the gain stage
  • Audio Note Kassai Capacitors
  • Audio Note Tantalum non magnetic resitors
  • STD Blackgate cpacitirs on the gain stage
  • WE 274B Rectifier tube
  • WV-Cap coupling capacitors

Delivery times for this option will be extended by 2 weeks.

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