ANK Audiokits is partnered with some of the premium companies in the audio industry to bring you incredibly high-quality audio kits with the best parts possible. Please feel free to review this list of great companies that we work with.

We buy numerous parts from Audio Note UK direct from the factory for our worldwide customer base. ANK Audiokits is also the authorized dealer for the Audio Note Speaker kits in North America, and as part of this service, we build and deliver cabinets for your speaker kits.

Some of the Audio Note parts we buy include Silver RCA’s, Audio Note speaker posts, Audio Note Tantalum Resistors of 1/2W, 1W and 2W values, and of course Audio Note Film capacitors in either Tin, Copper or Silver. In addition, we have access to the Audio Note C-Core inventory so we can provide these with the kits if requested.



Hifi Collective is the premier audio parts supplier for Europe and one of the largest world-wide. Based in the UK they provide support and recommendations for ANK Audiokits and stock a wealth of Audio Note other parts that can be used in our kits and other DIY projects. They also have various ANK Audiokits upgrade packages available – check out their website at:

Mundorf is based in Germany and manufactures premium quality power supply and film capacitors for the audio industry. We use Mundorf ultra high quality electrolytics in our power supplies for amplification products such as the EL84 and EL34 Monoblock and Stereo units and our Interstage MonoBlocks.

The first V-Cap audio capacitor was launched in June, 2004. Chris VenHaus (of VH Audio) led a collaborative effort of engineers, materials scientists, and some highly respected audio industry icons to produce the first V-Cap product. The V-Cap TFTF series is now considered by many audiophiles and industry professionals to be at the pinnacle of the price/performance curve for signal applications in audio electronics. ANK Audiokits often supply V-Caps in our very highest end products.

Khozmo – the king of stepped attenuators. Superb sonics at real world prices. We use these attenuators in our highest level products such as the Mentor pre-amplifier.

Grant Fidelity is our go to for high end audio tube upgrades for our customers. They represent the Psvane and Shuguang tube lines and ANK Audiokits customers can contact them for tube upgrades and receive a discount. To take advantage of this contact Rachel at:

This world-wide supplier is located in Canada and has a huge parts inventory for DIY and many audio applications. Feel free to contact them for recommendations and browse their large parts inventory.



European Contact for Builds & Repairs

Luis Albares

address: Juan Sebastial the cano 18
Cambrils Tarragona Spain
Telephone -34 640 362712