November Newsletter 

Welcome to our November Newsletter !  Its been a great year on the development front !  I thought it might be interesting to discuss the evolution of our product line starting with 300B !  Well it all started with classic Kit1 300b integrated amplifier  – That product is really what inspired and built the ANK business – Still loved world wide by audiophiles – 8W of Single ended Triode ! theres nothing quite like it – the kit1 was a one stop shop – inspired by the AudioNote Meishu the kit1 was the pure integrated portion ( no phono) and in a classic kit “look” with all the tubes shooting up through the chassis.

When ANK started the kit1 was basically the main product and it sold and sold – as customer feedback came in so did new manual versions , new chassis designs more feedback , more changes but what never changed was the integrity of the original design –