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Audio Note Speaker Kit 04 (AlNiCo)
High efficiency AlNiCo speaker kit designed especially for single ended triode amplifiers

The Speaker Kit 04 has raised a great deal of interest since its introduction so we decided to dedicate this page to it.

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The Speaker Kit 04 simply offers the ultimate in speaker performance with its AlNiCo, silver coil woofers and tweeters, and precisely matched and calibrated crossovers.

What is AlNiCo? AlNiCo is an acronym that refers to the materials used in the magnets and is widely accepted as the ultimate material for speaker magnets as it offers superb tonal reproduction. The composition is made up of aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni), and cobalt (Co).

AlNiCo Magnet Dome Tweeter

The double AlNiCo magnet is mounted to a special soft iron top plate which acts as the focusing ring around the silver voice coil, the front mounting plate is made from aircraft grade soft aluminium.

The Audio Note™ AlNiCo magnet 1 inch dome tweeter became standard on Audio Note's top level finished products speakers, the AN-E/SEC Signature and the all silver AN-E/SOGON.

AlNiCo Magnet Woofer

The 8 inch AlNiCo woofers come with hemp cones and silver voice coils.

Integrated matched crossover and rear panel

The crossover parts are mounted on the back of the rear panels to keep wire lengths to an absolute minimum. Each crossover is matched to its woofer and tweeter at Audio Note UK - you will find that the number on the crossover corresponds to its matched woofer and tweeter.

AudioNote Kits builds the 13ply Russian Birch Plywood cabinets that come with each speaker kit.

The cabinets are sanded and you can leave as is or apply a lacquer
either clear or stained and we can provide instructions

What customers are saying about the Speaker Kit 04

Kit 4 update – AWESOME!!

I have maybe 200 hours on the woofers and 100 hours on the tweeters. Two things stand out to me, richness of the tone, very lifelike and soundstaging/imaging is stellar, truly like there are no longer any speakers in the room. And they keep getting better.

Mike Mckee

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