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ANK Audiokits L3 Line Pre-Amplifier
Pre-Amplifier with Transformer-Coupled Output - Balanced or Single-Ended Output (formerly called the M3 Line Pre-Amplifier Kit)


Audio Note L3 Line Pre-amplifier


We are pleased to announce the new versions of the L3 Pre-amplifier (we now also have the L3 Line Remote, which is a version with remote control capabilities). The L3 Line boasts a number of features and configurations for the DIY connoisseur! This transformer coupled line pre-amplifier is the ultimate in audiophile DIY engineering.

Since first introducing the L3 kit back in 2005 (known then as the M3 Line Kit) we have received many enhancement requests for the L3 from the audiophile community including Extension Kits for the selector switch, optional Stereo and Mono Stepped Attenuators, Transformer options, different price points etc.

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We provide easy to follow, step-by-step wiring instructions with the manual.

Check out the detailed wiring Guide for the L3 Pre-amplifier by clicking on the wiring image on the right.

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Download Hi-res pictures of a professional build of the L3 Line Signature Pre-amp

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RCA Single-Ended versus XLR Balanced Outputs

Whether you use RCA outputs or balanced XLR outputs is down to which output transformer you choose for your kit. Our now standard output transformer is an I/E core transformer for RCA output.

If you wish to used XLR balanced outputs, you can order the kit with the optional TRANS 027 (I/E core) or HiB Double C-Core (see available upgrades below). Using these transformers you can provide both single-ended and balanced outputs.

The new version comes in several different configurations. You can purchase the L3 Pre-amplifier direct in our SHOP here.

L3 Line Standard Version (with RCA output) $2,000(USD)

The standard version includes the following:

Noble Volume Pot
I/E Core output transformers
(RCA only, non-balanced output)
Audio Note Tin Foil Film Signal Capacitors
Beyschlag Resistors
High Quality Electrolytic Capacitors
DACT extension kit
ELMA Selector Switch
Audio Note AN-A Shielded cable
PTFE silver plated copper wire
Stainless Steel Metric Hardware
Steel Shield
Silver Plated RCA's
M2 Power Supply (6X5/ECL82)
5687 Line Board (Hardwired or PCB)

New Transformers for 2013 & Balanced Option

The L3 Line comes with I/E core output transformers for RCA (single-ended output) only.

Mid 2013 we redesigned the output transformers used in the L3 Line. The design has resulted In outstanding high frequency reproduction and even more detailed bass.
The transformers are slightly larger with more laminations – the sonic results are even more outstanding. This is our standard transformer now for the L3 Line.

The following alternative transformer is also available - these can be used in BALANCED or RCA (single-ended) configurations: Select the option you require in our Shop pages.

I/E Core for Balanced output Add $125(USD)


Attenuator Upgrade & Audio Note AN-V cable option

DACT, ELMA, or GoldPoint stepped attenuators (stereo or mono) (enquire)
Audio Note AN-V shielded cable between extender and Volume Pots (enquire)

Options and Configurations

Pot Options

With this new release of the L2 and L3 pre-amplifiers, kit builders will be able to order a number of high quality Potentiometers (Stepped Mono or Stereo) from various high quality Audio parts manufacturers - the kit will be shipped with a standard Noble Volume Pot. The chassis has been configured to accept these Potentiometers/Stepped Attenautors in either a mono or stereo configuration.

It is possible to fit either one stereo or two mono potentiometers to the L3 Line Pre-amplifier - the choice is yours and we have the correct front panel to accomodate either configuration.

A number of makes are available to you including Goldpoint and DACT etc. (amongst others). The pictures below show Goldpoint and DACT stepped attenuators.

2x Goldpoint mono stepped attenuators
Goldpoint stereo stepped attenuator


DACT stereo stepped attenuator

Input Selector Extender

We have also added a very high quality extender kit for the ELMA selector with a custom made bracket for the ultimate in short length leads and high quality switching.

Normally, a pre-amplifier's input selector switch is physically situated on the front panel. This means that all of the inputs have to be routed quite a long way. Our solution is to use an extender. This allows the switch itself to be mouted closer to the input sockets so that much smaller lengths of wire can be used to connect to it.


Output Transformer Options

The L3 Line Pre-amplifier comes with three different options for output transformer - You can choose either the RCA output (standard), RCA/Balanced Ouput ($175 Upgrade) or the AN C-Core transformer option ($1000 Upgrade).

More Pictures

The following pictures show an L3 Line Signature with optional DACT stereo attenuator.

Click on an image below to zoom-in or cycle through the images using the arrow buttons below.

The complete pre-amp solution

To complete your pre-amplification section, you may want to consider adding our ultimate choice for vinly pre-amplification - the L3 Phono Stage Kit.

The picture opposite shows the L3 Phono Stage Kit sitting on top of the L3 Line Pre-Amplifier Kit.

This combination provides an extremely high standard of pre-amplification for any serious vinyl user to consider.

Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Offer

AudioNote Kits is now able to offer a good quality auto-ranging digital multimeter that you can use to test your kit during and after the build. Along with the test CD's that we provide with the kits, you will be able to do accurate DC, AC and resistance checks with your multimeter optionally supplied with the kit to assure a correctly working unit.

The unit is very easy to use with a simple click to change from AC to DC to ohms and we will explain how to use the meter in the documentation. Please enquire about one if you don't already own a meter.

Click here for more information.

What customers are saying about the L3 Line Pre-Amplifier Kit

Hi Brian ! About the sound : No hum no buzz even with the pré potentiometer full on ! Very very musical with lot of swing, manage to be soft and warm with lot of détails. Imaging is very good. Easy to listen but never boring. The true life of the music ! Congratulation to allow us to built sooo good kits !


"I knew the DAC was truly special but am having more and more respect for the L3, too. In any scenario it seems to bring excellent dynamics and a huge soundstage but does not telegraph its presence in any other way! No tonal signature, no noise. That is a mean trick."

Paul Folbrecht

"The L3 with the Choke decouplig circuitry is more refined and silent than before, it's not easy to hear some noise when put at maximum volume and I was able to clearly hear much more nuances in a singer voice than before.

Now I'm at 100 hours break-in, and I can say it's a wonderful piece of gear."

Felice Seregni

The L3 Line pre-amp is playing excellent. It has the warmth and perspective I was hoping for, deep bass like when hearing solo floor-bass is fantastic! and it might even improve as the black-gates are "playing in"

Martin Hjorto

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