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ANK Audiokits L2 Line Pre-Amplifier
Successor to the original Audio Note Pre-Aplifier Kit (and formerly called the M2 Pre-Amplifier Kit)


Audio Note L2 Line Pre-amplifier

We have decided to have a dedicated page for the latest version of the L2 Line stage - a line+phono version can be found here.

This amazing pre-amplifier has gorgeous tonal qualities that will outperform many extremely high end pre-amplifiers!

This product has evolved since the beginning of ANK Audiokits and has had rave reviews from many customers over the years and we have added many mechanical and electrical enhancements and improvements in all areas in that time. It is simply a stunning pre-amplifier that delivers extreme musicality and tonality!

The kit starts with our high quality Mains transformer and choke combination for the M2 tube regulated power supply. The thick 3mm PCB's, stainless steel hardware, and 3mm aluminum chassis powder coated black add up to great value. Gold AN brass knobs, ELMA selector and custom made extension kit with brass bushings take this pre-amp into a league of its own. AN tin caps and Beyschlag resistors are standard in the power supply and 12AU7 Line Board. An ELMA selector from Switzerland, ALPS pot with custom made PCB for easy connection, AN-A shielded cable and gold plated RCA's finish off the kit in style!

Pictured on this page is our Signature version of the kit which includes the AN copper caps and AN tantalum resistors. You can purchase the kit as a standard version for $1,325 complete or let us know if you are interested in the Parts Connexion upgrade package. If you wish to take advantage of the upgraded model, we can sell you the standard version for $1,250 and you can buy the upgrade kit for a discounted price from Parts ConneXion.


Click here to view a low resolution/fast download version of the L2 Pre-amplifier Construction Manual.

Control Options

We are shipping the kit with an ALPS Pot and a little PCB which makes for easy connection - A number of customers have wanted to use more exotic stepped attenuators, balance controls, along with stereo and mono controls.

It is possible to fit either one stereo or two mono potentiometers to the L3 Line Pre-amplifier - the choice is yours and we have the correct front panel to accomodate either configuration.

A number of makes are available to you including Goldpoint and DACT etc. (amongst others). The pictures below show Goldpoint and DACT stepped attenuators.

2x Goldpoint mono stepped attenuators
Goldpoint stereo stepped attenuator


DACT stereo stepped attenuator

Input Selector Extender (standard with this version)

The L2 Line pre-amplifier now comes as standard with a very high quality extender kit for the ELMA selector with a custom made bracket for the ultimate in short length leads and high quality switching.

Normally, a pre-amplifier's input selector switch is physically situated on the front panel. This means that all of the inputs have to be routed quite a long way. Our solution is to use an extender. This allows the switch itself to be mouted closer to the input sockets so that much smaller lengths of wire can be used to connect to it.

Inside the L2 Pre-Amplifier

General Specification

Inputs Up to 5 additional line level inputs
Outputs Two sets of Main outputs
Controls Volume and 6-position selector switch
Chassis Dimensions 15" wide, 16" back to front, 5.75" height including height from floor
Input Overload 300mv
Input Impedence 47K ohms ( adjustable )
Noise 54db
Line Stage Gain 23db
Input Impedence 100K
Output Impedence 3K ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.2% @ 1V output
Noise 88db

NOTE: Prices are for a pair of Mono Blocks. You can purchase direct in our SHOP here.

L2 Line Pre-amplifier Standard Version $1,300(USD)

The standard version includes the following:

Beyschlag Resistors
Rubycon Electrolytics
3mm Aluminum chassis
3mm PCB's
Stainless steel hardware
AN gold brass knobs
Gold RCA's
Extension Kit with brass bushings
ELMA selector
High Quality Audio Note Mains and CHOKE
Compete set of tubes
Twisted cables