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Sept 12 2019 – Get ready for our upcoming short Mentor L5, L4 and DAC5.1 sale coming up sept20=25  – We have pre made a batch of transformer sets  so shipping will be 2 weeks as we custom pack  – if you are thinking of the worlds ultimate pre-amplifier or DAC in DIY kit form – now is the time for this unique offer during our 15th anniversary year! Also DAC5.1 Professional Edition finished product also available during the sale at 15% discount

Aug 23  2019 Update – Welcome to the new ANKits web site –  We are doing a major website overhaul this month of August – ANKits the world leader in high-end Audiophile Kits based on the AudioNote design philosophy – Single Ended 300B products, R2R NOS 24/96 DACs, c core-based EL34, EL84 products, RIAA phono stages from entry-level to ultra high end, Level 5 Mentor Pre and Power amplification. Check out our new Next Generation EL84i+phono ( integrated with phono) A stunning peace of engineering ! Enquire for further details 
If you are looking for world-class Audio in DIY form check out our online manuals now available on this page for download – with over 3000 kits sold since 2004 all the designs are extremely mature and have been built hundreds of times-  we feedback that info in the manuals – Also our new Finished Product division is launching Sept 1 where you can purchase a DAC5.1, DAC4.1, Mentor Level 5  PreAmplifier, L3 PhonoV2 & L5 Phono products custom built by our craftsman!
If you are interested in a high-level system or an entry-level kit please email audionotekits@rogers.com for quotes.  The new online store is ready now! Stay tuned for further updates – if you have any feedback or recommendations please email –
For access to old site  during August please visit ANKAudioKits 

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