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Interactive Resistor Color Code Calculator
Support Information

We thought it would be a good idea for you to have easy access to a resistance color code calculator while you are building your kits. So, we wrote one for you and here it is. It is a 5-band resistor color code calculator. If you are looking at a 4-band resistor, then simply set the first column to Black and ignore it.

Simply click on the colors in the left panel for each band and the value will update below. Alternatively, select a resistance value from the right and see the colors update on the left.

From Color Selection:
Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
Column 4
Column 5
1R (±1%)
From Value Selection:
The following values selection box contains some of the most common 5-band tantalum resistor values.

To see a value's color code, simply select it from the combobox below and press the 'Show Colors' button. The colors will then be shown in the left panel.

All values will be shown as ±1%

Resistor color codes are read from the color that is nearest the edge of the resistor - that is treated as the first column.

The first column of a 5-band resistor is the 100's column, followed by a 10's column, followed by a units column.

The fourth band is a multiplier (or decimal point shifter). The multiplier can use the additional colors silver and gold. These are used for very small values and turn the multiplier into 0.01(silver) and 0.1 (gold). For the standard colors, it determines how many times the column value is shifted to the left (i.e. multiplied by 10)

The fifth column is a tolerance value.

The calculator should work on all versions of Internet Explorer from version 5 onward. It has also been tested on FireFox 1.5.