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ANK Audiokits EL34p & EL34i Amplifiers - IE-Core Edition
EL34 Push-Pull Power & Integrated Amplifiers - 35W per channel Class AB1

“ We have been selling single-ended amplifiers since we started the kit business and I always felt that push-pull was just not in the same league. However, when we finished the first prototype I was absolutely stunned by the sound - I had this look on my face and Andy could see that my push-pull vs Single Ended ideas were now seriously being challenged. He told me that push-pull designs get a bad rap because most of them are not designed properly. In the case of the amplifier, Andy had custom designed the output transformers, then designed the circuitry, and then spent hours optimizing the circuitry for the most absolutely tuned sound. The result is a spectacular amplifier with 35W of Class AB1 power.”  

Brian Smith

NOTE: - This is our new Version of the EL34 series which now includes power and integrated amps and some serious new power supply, output transformer and Mains Upgrades.
Audio Note L4 EL34 Amplifiers

ANK Audiokits are very proud to announce the EL34p & EL34i amplifiers. First released in 2008 as a pure power amp we have made numerous enhancements based on customer feedback and our own experiences. The amplifier is now a stellar part of the growing ANK Audiokits product line and an example of the ultimate in high end DIY audio.

The new version amplifier can purchased as a pure power amp or as our new Integrated amp technology complete with tube pre-amp section, ELMA extension kit and three pairs of RCA inputs.

The amplifier sports an updated power supply section complete with new massive low inductance CHOKE and Mundorfs latest power capacitor technology.

The new Choke, ultra Quiet Mains T-190 and newly designed PCB make up the new EL34 Power Supply section.

A brand new ultra thick PCB has been designed to house the EL34 & ECF80 driver sections. Every detail has been taken into account to make for a very clean build - large chassis and signal ground traces expertly layed out assure a perfect sonic operation! Our new CMC black teflon valve bases are used for the EL34's such that they have an ultra snug fit into the board.

Here is the new EL34 PCB using the CMC black valve bases

Expertly designed with all the ideal grounding strategies for ultra quiet operation!

Click on the image to see a larger picture.


We designed a new 12au7 tube pre-amp buffer section to drive the EL34/ECF80 power amp - this board is installed on the inside front of the chassis.

This ultra quiet tube stage adds the desired gain for an ideal integrated amplifier - it's so quiet as we have used some tricks to minimize any possible noise from this pre-amp section.

Tube-roll away with your 12au7 collection to get different characteristics to your overall sound!

We have also added our ELMA selector extension kit with custom bracket similar to the L3 pre-amp - this assures very short RCA input wire lengths into the selector switch controlled from the front. From the selector, the audio signal uses AN-A shielded signal cable to travel to the ALPS PCB pot or which ever Potentiometer you want to install (the chassis fits all the standard types from various manufacturers including GoldPoint, DACT, ELMA, TKD, etc.) Alps is also offering a Remote control version of their 100K ALPS pot which easily fits into the amp!

The chassis is made of our usual thick 3mm aluminum powder coated black. Chassis fittings include AN gold brass knobs, AN speaker posts and gold plated RCA's.


Mullard introduced the EL34 late 1953 and has been used in many famous amplifiers throughout the years from manufacturers such as Marantz, Dynaco, Acrosound, Heath, H. H. Scott, Eico, etc.

A large version of this schematic is supplied with each kit

Pricing and Configurations

EL34i Integrated Amplifier $2,150(USD)

The integrated version extends the power only version with the following additions:

ELMA selector
DACT extension kit
ALPS 100K potentiometer
12AU7 pre-amp board
Beyschlag resistors
Mundorf Supreme Caps

EL34p Power Amplifier $2,000(USD)

The power only version includes the following:

T-195 Mains
CH-100W Choke
OP-390 O/P transformers
Beyschlag resistors
Mundorf Mlytic Power Supply caps
Mundorf Supreme Caps
Rubycon &Panasonic FC electrolytics
AN-A shielded cable
Silver Plated PTFE wire
Gold RCAs

More Pictures

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Brief History

The EL34 stereo CLASS AB1 amplifier from AudioNote Kits was designed by master craftsman Andy Grove of Audio Note UK – This amp is near & dear to Andy’s heart and he has used many years of amplifier design knowledge to come up with this awesome new EL34 tube amplifier for the DIY market! As one customer recently put it – it sounds ridiculous! (that means very good!)

I asked Andy to write me an article on how the design came about – what were some of the reasons you went with the Pentode wiring instead of the Ultra linear mode as used in the famous DYNA ST-70. Its been about a year of R&D from the development of the output transformers, the overall circuit design– the prototype building, the tuning and optimizations of the circuits, the partitioning of the circuits into hardwired and PCB – the overall layout of the amplifier, the manual and all the parts sourcing – the end result is a DIY kit of the highest quality with amazing sound results. At 35W it is very flexible and running in CLASS AB1 it has many of the benefits of a single ended sound with the advantages of push pull.

Below is Andy’s article – Enjoy!

Brian Smith

What customers are saying about the EL34 Amplifier

They are going great! What a wonderful amp! (L4 El34i) It has almost as much "air" and "presence in the room" as my KT88 single-ended amp, and almost as much punch as my favorite-solid-state-of-all Creek mosfet 5030se. What a great compromise.

Bruce Bender

Hi Brian, today the L4 EL34i sing!. Very sweet, charming and balanced. Not any hum and noise. I love it! Thank you very much!

Truong, Vietnam

"The really good thing is that at long last I have got my dream-amp (L4 EL34i) – Thank you Brian!

This is the best thing I have got in my audio system and its impact on the sound and pleasure of listening to music (any kind of music) is just unbelievable!!!

My so far bass-shy Yamaha speakers got very vivid, lusty and full of energy now! I had no idea that they are able to produce such nice low freq. tones!"

Woytec Bugg

Hello Brian,
I took the opportunity to use the L4 EL34 amp to drive some very expensive Sonus Faber loudspeakers (not mine I wish!). The results were staggering, this amplifier with its upgraded components is in a class of its own. I am looking forward to building pre-amp.


Thanks Brian ! The L4 sounds very special. Like you said the virtues of SE with the drive of PP. I heard many EL-34 based amps but none like the L4. Congrats !..

The power supply looks robust, great and yes, no hum whatsoever. I also get a good read out from the TP's (21.5V for all the tubes).

sherif elkady (AudioNote Eqypt dealer)

- yes, true, as others wrote as well: this amp is deadly quiet! No, and "no" means really "NO", noise, hum, or whatever, even when you turn volume end-right without input signal. Frankly, my QUAD 606, sizzles a bit then! So the L4 definitely provides a real deep-black stage and background for the music, from my perspective one very important prerequisite for a good sound.

- Instruments are drawn clearly, clearly separated with space around - sometimes too much space, but here I am really sure that this WILL change with burn-in, this looks like a typical effect. I checked that with Jethro Tulls "Songs from the Wood", "I am the whistler", if you know what I mean: all these bells, pipes, etc. etc. in that background of heavy guitars, drums etc.
- And really very nice sound colors!!!


- Enjoyable. ABSOLUTELY enjoyable. From the first minute. Fascinating!

Joachim Mack

A friend of mine and I heard this amplifier at CES in the Focus loudspeaker room. I'm a single ended 2A3 guy myself. Well...the Focus people played this Flamenco dance track on their 90 db speakers (Hi Fi Flamenco was the disc). You talk about kick'in @$$!!! When the track was over the room was full of people and everybody exhaled all at the same time! I'm now taking a second serious look at push-pull.

Gregg Owens

Dear Brian,

I spent some time listening to the EL34 amp tonight. After changing one driver tube the amp had 50% less hum than any other amp I own (<1 mv AC). This is a big deal when driving 105 db efficient horns. The EL34 is liquid, authoritative, dead quiet and throws an amazing sound stage.

My wife was instantly impressed which isn't always the case but said that the sound was great and kept getting better the more we listened. Dark Side of the Moon has never sounded better!


The L4 really DOES rock, no question about it. I put on some 'Stones and it was like the Maxell ad......timing, power, punch, volume, pitch........MUSIC. Classical as well......strings are absolutely sweet; some Shostakovitch string quartets for instance, or Vivaldi wind instruments. Voice is great too; all sorts of intonations you've never heard before.

Robert Hughes (C-core version)

Words are difficult to find, it's unbelievable, I never heard a sound like this, Harmony so rich, phenomenal energy, extraordinary sound scene with a surprising depth. And the voices ! How to describe the voices, with only tears of emotion... With Audionote the music is simply true.

Thank you very much Brian for having allowed me to hear that. Now I have only a single envy : to try all your kits and the next is the DAC !


Quite an achievement this amp, I find it hard to even drag my old one out of the cupboard now. So Andy (Grove) was right - this is a new type of sound - full of punch.........soul..........and detail! Yet it carries loads of finesse as well !

Quentin Gore-Rowe

"I just want to say that I've spent the evening with the most wonderful EL 34 amp I can ever imagine. I just listened to Ruggiero Ricci on a London Blueback totally mesmerized by the performance. I just couldn't move. I switch to Alison Krauss - So Long Wrong and am equally impressed." --- I find it extremely engaging.

Great job!!!

John Geisen

"One of the fantastic things with this amp is that it has a lot of body and weight in the sound. And that is without losing any detail. And the dynamics will totally rock your socks off! To this day I have not heard an amp that can perform as the L4. Playing that good in all levels is something I have not heard from any other amp so far. And I have had many really expensive amps tested in my system!"

"an amp that gives you a huge soundstage, transparent full bodied sound and totally kicks ass"

See Olof's extreme build by clicking on the pictures below:

Olof Lilja

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