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Audio Note L5 EL34 MonoBlock Amplifiers
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Welcome to ANK Audiokits
Welcome to ANK Audiokits. Here you will find the very finest in home audio equipment in kit form based on the Audio Note design philosophy. Superb quality Digital to Analog Converters, Amplification, Pre-Amplification, Phono Stages & High Efficiency Speakers.

Telephone: (USA) 613 822 7188
001 613 822 7188
Check out our FAQs page for more company information more....

Ten years of audio kit development

The ANK Audiokits business has just reached its 10 year milestone! We have sold over 2000 kits which have been shipped to every corner of the planet in this last decade! We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support. Many of these customers started out with our very first kit - the Kit1 300B back in 2004 and have since built up a complete ANK Audiokits system!

Customer Review: L3 Pre-Amplifier

Absolutely freaking beautiful. This preamp just ROCKS! I hear things that Iíve never heard before.
Probably the best money (investment) Iíve spent in years on equipment.

Customer Review: DAC 3.1

vocals and strings are now REAL (quite real).
very high frequencies that I thought my ears weren't able to hear any more.


The ultimate SET kit!
The ANK Audiokits Interstage amplifier is our highest and most extreme expression of Single Ended Amplification reserved only for the true connoisseur audiophile.

Now we can announce the Ultimate version, the incredible ALL C-Core Interstage. These MonoBlocks are simply a superb build experience with outrageous sonic results! The new ALL C core version brings the interstages to a new level of audiophile appreciation! more....


Professionally built for the
US market

We are currently making available a selection of our kits professionally built by DigitalPete for the US market on a trial basis.

Typically the build price is 15% of list price. Check out the shop for the build option! Pre-amplifiers, DAC's and Phono Stages will be available for a limited period when bought through our online shop.



A remarkable non oversampling DAC
ANK Audiokits DAC 4.1 C-Core Limited Edition is our supreme Digital to Analog offering. For the ultimate in Digital reproduction the DAC 4.1 offers velvet smooth operation with no digital artifacts.

Using pure Resistor Ladder DAC architecture hardwires digital information directly to output voltage. And with the new Triple C-Core Transformers on the output stage, digital reproduction has never sounded so good! more....


Check out the superb wiring scheme on the Legend MonoBlocks.
Clean, and really easy to build even for a novice.

  One of the most important elements in kit building is the quality of the construction manuals. Our manuals contain everything you need to build a perfect kit in easy to follow step by step instructions. Many of our kits can be built in 10 hours. All the products on our website have a downloadable manual and come with all parts required to build a fully working unit. Check out our DIY skills guide and see how easy it is to build the perfect ANK Kit! more....  
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