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Our first EL84 MB's

ANKits is proud to announce the upcoming release (March 1st 2015) of our EL84 Single Ended Monoblock power amplifier.

In order to develop the ultimate in EL84 single ended amplification we wanted:

  • Monoblocks with dedicated power supplies for each channel.
  • Output transformers worthy of single ended amplification.
  • Tube rectification for that classic sound.
  • A power supply using the best Mlytic caps.
  • A NOS driver tube specially selected from our private stock.
  • Takman non magnetic resistors or Audio Note Tantalum upgrade.
  • Option of V-Caps, Silver Gold Oil Mundorfs or Audio Note Copper Caps.


The EL84 tube is one of most loved audiophile tubes in the industry. When driven in single ended mode the clarity and natural sonics really shine. Whether you love rock or classical, these monoblock amplifiers will set a standard for other amplifiers to follow!




Overspecified transformers

Note the oversized single ended output transformer. It's the same size as the Kit1 300B output transformer to handle all the intricasies of single ended amplification and ensures there is ample reserves of current to supply the two EL84 output tubes.

Each monoblock has its own dedicated power supply which includes a massive choke mains combination along with a 5AR4 tube rectification section. This allows the line stage to really benefits from all the power reserves.


Our EL84 design uses one large PCB for which includes two large Mlytic power supply caps and BAK Light valve bases. This kit is quite straight forward even a beginner to build. But the end result - your friends will think you are an electronics genius!


The monoblocks when mated with a good tube pre-amplifier will result in a fantastic amplification system ideal for all music styles. EL84 tubes in general seem to really like instrumental music.

They bring out additional information in guitars especially - acoustic, electric lead, electric rythym. Your classic rock albums will take on an amazing life like quality.

  "Finally an outstanding
high level EL84 Single Ended offering in DIY form."
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Specifications (per unit):

Power: 11 Watts Class A
Oversized IE-Cores
Output Tubes: 4 x Shuguang EL84
1st Stage Gain: 1 x 12ax7
Rectifier Tube: Dual 5AR4/5R4
Front Faceplate:: Black Perspex
Inputs: 1
Outputs: 1 x Stereo Pair 4, 8 ohms
Recommended Speakers: from 89dB
Width: 26.6 cm
Height: 17.8 cm
Depth: 39.4 cm
Weight: 18 Kilos
Chassis: 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Coat


Parts Compliment includes:

IE Core Transformers or C-Core (option)
Takman Carbon Resistors
(option of Audio Note Tantalum)
Mundorf Myltic Power Supply Caps
Mundorf Oil Film Caps
(option V-Cap, Mundorf Silver Gold Oil
or Audio Note Copper Caps)

PTFE Copper Hookup Wire
Elna Cerafine & Panasonic FC Signal Electrolytics
1 Shuguang EL84 Tubes
1 EH 5AR4 Rectifier
1 Audio Note Speaker Posts & RCA's
1 PTFE Silver Plated Stranded Copper Wire


EL84 Monoblock IE-Core (pair)
11W Class A

EL84 Monoblock C-Core (pair)
11W Class A


As we have just launched the EL84 Monoblocks, here are some reviews on the EL84 integrated.

Thanks a bunch for turning me on to such great gear, the L1 EL84 kit is truly amazing and great value for the money. It is solid state quiet, has tons of detail, imaging, depth, sparkle. The bass is generous for the EL84 tubes and the treble sparkles. It is captivating and I am falling behind on the responsibilities due to this.

audio note client review

I finished the amp (L1 EL84) last Friday.
I have to say, Awesome! I am listening to it as I type. I am really really pleased with it. It completely blows my transistor (all-be-it home cinema) amplifier out of the water.
The soundstage and clarity are out of this world. It is one sweet sounding amplifier as you said in our initial conversations.
Simon Harrison

audio note customer quotes
  audio note client review  

I found ANK website by chance and was very interested. After having a talk to Brian on options for kit beginners we decided on giving the L3 EL84 a try. I got the kit finished over Christmas holidays and it worked immediately. That wasn't the big surprise though, the big surprise was how good it sounded!! Its so sweet , especially strings and vocals. Just a joy to listen to. I could wax lyrical with audiophile speak now. Lets cut that out and just say it has made my other amps that cost many many times more redundant now!!

The EL84 is a smaller tube and that does come across when compared to my 300B and 845 tube amps. You don't get quite the midrange presence but I absolutely prefer to listen to the EL84 for its better balance across the Hz range and sweet sparkle. The NOS EL84 tubes are also lot better priced than the bigger tubes as well so you can add some icing to the cake without getting another mortgage on the house....

My speakers are Sensitivity: 87dB/1W/1m and it drives them to very respectable listening levels. Everybody should have one of these amps in the audio arsenal. I think you will find it gets a lot of use like mine ..................
My audio buddies say its the best amp they have heard in my system and I have never listened so much as now.
Duncan Cox

audio note customer quotes
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