Audio Note Kits Kit1-10th SET

ANK Audiokits is now offering our latest C-Core technology in the Interstage MonoBlocks. The result is the new ALL C-Core Interstage MonoBlock.

I remember when I first heard a single ended 300B amplifier back in the early 2000's - it was a revelation! I then heard the first Interstage based single ended 300B and I was blown away even more. Then I heard the C-Core output transformer in the ALL C-Core Interstage MonoBlock and I was taken once again to another level.

As we are approaching our 10th anniversary milestone we are very proud to look back on the evolution of many of our products from beta to first customer release, and on to 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation.


All of our products have continued to evolve at such an incredible pace with improvements such as:

  • Latest C-Core Interstage with Audio Note Tantalum Resistors
  • Mundorf 4 Pole M-lytic Technology
  • Increased Capacity Mains and Choke
  • Solid Copper Inserts
  • 3mm Aluminum Chassis
  • New Filament Implementation
  • Ultra High Quality Teflon Valve Bases

This product development has come about due to our continued quest for the ultimate in audio reproduction. It's been fun to watch this evolution and we thank our customers for being a part of it!


Audio Note R-2R DAC Circuits
We are currently making available a selection of our kits professionally built by DigitalPete for the US market on a trial basis. Typically the build price is 15% of list price.

Check out the shop for the build option!
Pre-amplifiers, DAC's and Phono Stages will be available for a limited period when bought through our online SHOP.


L4 Pre-amplifier (photo above)
Here's a peak at our soon to be available L4 pre-amplifier - even though we have been selling these the official release date will be this fall.

It's a gorgeous implementation of our transformer coupled pre-amp with the triple C-Core output transformer technology, Audio Note Silver RCAs and Silver AN-V cable. It's essentially a very high end implementation of transformer coupling!

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