It is almost 10 years since Audio Note Kits was born and the sale of our first kit, the Kit1 300b. Today, with over 35 products and 1,000s of customers all over the globe it is time to launch our first E-Shop facility.

The new E-Shop will streamline the buying process for our clients. Not only is it quicker to buy, we can also deliver the products more efficiently due to spending less time on the phone.

We are still here of course for customers who have any questions or requesting be-spoke product specifications.


The E-Shop will also allow us to spend more time on product testing and development and producing further great products at affordable prices.

We develop our kits on the basis of the Audio Note UK philosophy and use many Audio Note parts. As part of this ongoing strategy we are now marketing our products under the ANK Audiokits brand name. Our new web address is

Clients registering to the website will receive regular email newsletters with latest product launches, discount offers and more.


In 2012 we began looking at manufacturing our own C-Core output transformers to install in our top level kit ranges. We expected these more expensive kits to sell in low quantities to those who could afford them.

We were wrong! In fact, we have recently been selling more DAC 4.1 C-Core models than the 3.1 with IE Transformers. This is great news, and it has helped us launch a dedicated manufacturing facility right here in Canada.


By designing and building the C-Cores to our own exacting specifications, keeping the quality of the parts up but the manufacturing costs down, we have succeeded in offering C-Core technology to a level unheard of before at these prices.

Many of our top level products are now kitted out with our C-Cores. Not only do they sound fabulous, we think they look pretty damn good too!