Audio Note Kits Kit1-10th SET
The original Kit1 is considered one of the finest 300B amplifiers available in kit form. To celebrate the wonderful history of the Kit1 we are releasing the Kit1-10th Anniversary Limited Edition which is the next level above the current Kit1-8th.

This is the ultimate and maxed out incarnation of the Kit1 with Triple C-Core Output Transformers, Takman Resistors, Mundorf Silver Oil Film Caps, Elna Cerafine Bypass Caps, RubyCon Electrolytics and Solid Copper Insert Plate.

Outstanding musicality and loaded with quality parts, this amplifier is reserved for customers seeking zero feedback, single ended triode amplification!

An extraordinary version of this amplifier – we believe it is sure to be a collectors edition for years to come! To hear what a Kit1 is truly capable of, you have to hear the Kit1-10th variant, it is a revelation.

Audio Note R-2R DAC Circuits
What you need to be aware of in choosing an Audiophile Level DAC!

It’s a complicated world out there in the land of digital audio with cheaper and cheaper solutions coming out on the market with higher and higher sampling rates!

Many manufacturers are offering very high priced DAC’s and others have offerings that cost next to nothing!

Beneath all this fog and marketing confusion, there are essentially two digital to analogue conversion paths taken by the main manufacturers:

1. The Original Method of True Resistor Ladder R-2R DACs with Non Oversampling and No Filtering.

2. The Sigma-Delta Computer Processing Style DACs with Oversampling & Filtering.

In our report we explain in understandable terms how we believe the Audio Note path is the way to get the full potential out of your recordings.

Audio Note Kits Website Updates
As part of our ongoing product developments, we are also rebuilding our website to display ANK Audio Kit products to buyers to the same standard as the sound quality on offer, i.e. very high quality!

We will also be taking new images of current and new products and displaying those at high resolution and greater detail than ever before!

The SET amplifier sections are now live, and over the coming months we will upgrade the rest of the product displays, so please keep checking our website!

And of course, we will be sending out our 6 weekly Newsletters to keep existing clients in the loop on offers, exciting new products and upgrade options.