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Audio Note R-2R DAC Circuits

ANkits is proud to announce our new "System Configurations".
We have a new dedicated web page on the site where you can read about the various ANK systems that we have put together – which Pre-Amplifier goes with which Monoblock Amplifier, or what's the best system for Vinyl or Digital.

We have been watching the trend over the last few years where customers have been ordering complete systems from us, usually one or two kits at a time, or all at once. Now you can plan your system purchase and take advantage of some nice savings. Maybe it’s an EL34i with an L3 Phono stage or a pair of Parallel 300B Interstage Monoblocks with the Mentor Level 5 Pre-Amplifier? Check out some of the exciting configurations that our customers are investigating. Also enquire about our flexible payment terms as you piece together your own complete ANK audio system.

Free Shipping till October 15th.
We are offering a free shipping promotion to help those customers who are sitting on the fence. You can buy through the Shop page or contact us direct on: