Audio Note R-2R DAC Circuits
ANK Audiokits is proud to present our latest version of the classic Kit1 we are calling the Kit1 300B 2014. This classic kit is what started the Audio Note kit business back in 2004!

The Audio Note Kit1 became an instant hit when it was launched back in the 1990’s and introduced hundreds of audiophiles to the sound of single ended 300B zero feedback. We call it:”The fastest way to go from Zero to Audiophile in one product!”

The resounding success of the original design and popularity of the Kit1 helped us build the company to where we are today.

We have sold literally hundreds of Kit1 amplifiers to every corner of the planet and it shows how good the original design was. We have also continued enhancing the kit with each production run.

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The Kit1 circuit has had no real changes in the last 20 years, a testament to the integrity of this classic AN design. It's layout is simple with 3 high quality PCB’s containing top quality components. Signal paths are kept to the absolute minimum and the boards layout has been designed for ease of assembly and soldering.

The chassis is now 3mm aluminum powder coated black and we are using high quality BAK-Lite valve bases which fit right into the chassis with classic Audio Note venting.

Large style grommets are used for the Mains transformer and choke. The classic 5U4G/5V3 rectifier tube is the heart of the power supply. A 6SN7 / CV181 driver tube followed by a pair of NOS 5687s drive the Shuguang 300B’s we supply with the kit.

The new Filament Board PCB has the heat sinks mounted directly on them instead of against the chassis which takes care of isolation perfectly. AudioNote silver RCA’s and AN speaker posts round out the kit.

Released in the fall 2013, the Kit1-10th 300B C-Core is the ultimate incarnation of the original Kit1. Outstanding musicality and loaded with quality parts: Triple C-Core Output Transformers, Audio Note Tantalum Resistors, ELNA Cerafine Caps and Mundorf Silver Gold Oil Film Caps - the list of quality components goes on. There are also further options available with high end capacitors and alternative volume pot.

An extraordinary version of this amplifier – we believe it is sure to be a collectors edition for years to come! To hear what a Kit1 is truly capable of, you have to hear the Kit1-10th variant, it is a revelation. Check out our updated product page on the website here.

We have begun created a new Kit1 2014 & Kit1-10 manual! With updated wiring diagrams and photos it has never been easier to build the superb Kit1.
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