Greetings fellow audiophiles
2015 has been a busy year in the development part of our business. We announced our new systems page last month and also have several exciting new products going through the release process. On that note, we are able to announce our latest Level 5 Series product after much development, hours of testing and fine-tuning. Here are the details:

ANKits is proud to announce the release of the long awaited DAC 5.1 Signature. This new product for 2015 is our second Level 5 Series product following on from the Level 5 Mentor Line Pre-amplifier. Leveraging our existing Mentor technology this new DAC raises the bar for the entire industry.

With every aspect of digital to analog conversion taken into account we are offering a product that will enhance a high end system to the next level of sonics. The fact that it is available Factory Assembled or in Kit form makes this product highly unusual!

With Resistor Ladder Audio Note topology, Triple C-Core Output Transformers and SHUNT WE274B Power Supply - and that is just the beginning.

Check out the new product page on our website for the DAC 5.1 Signature. It covers all the featutes such as a brand new Digital Board Design, new Super Regulation Board, Large Can I/V Transformers - the list goes on...

With this second Level 5 Series product ANKits is moving into a new era of high end audio reserved for the finest audio systems and ultimate audiophiles. Contact us if you require more information on this excitng product.