Our new L4 shunt power supply based pre-amplifier
ANkits is proud to release a new L4 pre-amplifier for 2016, part of our new level 4 & level 5 series products. With the success of our level 5 Mentor pre-amplifier we wanted to introduce a shunt power supply based pre-amplifier with the same Mentor line board in a more affordable package. When choosing an ANKits amplification system comprised of our Single Ended or Class AB Monoblocks mated with an L4 pre-amplifier the result will be sheer astonishment.

Design strategy

We have introduced the L4 pre-amplifier to accommodate requests from customers seeking the very best "amplification systems" in a more affordable configuration. Typically buyers would select a pair of Single Ended 300B or Class AB EL34 Monoblocks with C-Cores and then find that our top of the line Mentor pre-amplifier exceeded their budget. So we decided to take some of the key Mentor features and put them in a more affordable package.

The L4 Shunt based pre-amplifier delivers the outstanding dynamics reserved for the worlds very best pre-amplifiers. It provides the opportunity to own an amazing line pre-amplifier and monoblock combination without breaking the bank. You would get unparalleled performance with the new L4 Shunt C-Core design and a pair of our Monoblocks that rivals the very finest equipment in the audio industry at any price.

  On the website: new DAC 5.1 construction manual
We started our new manual development late 2015. Our aim is to make the manuals even better and easier to follow. The manuals are an important part of building our kits and we are going to continue upgrading the website and manuals in tandem throughout this year. To date we have worked on the Mentor, Kit1, EL34i and DAC 5.1 with the Legend and Interstage in process at the moment. We are bringing the manuals up to the same level of quality as our website with amazing graphics and a uniform look and feel throughout. Thank you to the customers who have worked with us in these areas to ensure our manuals are as accurate as possible and easy to follow.

You can download the new format DAC 5.1 construction manual here.

  On the website: new system configurator & price calculator
We have updated our ANK Systems page with a new 'System Configurator & Price Calculator'. With this new online tool you can try out various product combinations and the total cost will be displayed on the page (including our system discount 10% off list). Buying any two or more product combinations will constitute as an ANK system.