Audio Note R-2R DAC Circuits
  Thinking of going down the Single Ended 300B path or looking for some glorious EL34 amplification? We have some some great offers this month! Or you may want to bring your system to life with the ultimate in line pre-amplification – the L5 Mentor. Find out what a high end pre-amplifier can do to your music, especially digital. Our Dac’s are selling strongly and with the Audio Note Ladder Resistor strategy, I/V transformers between digital and analog, tube rectified and tube regulated power supply and a tube line stage you will finally be able to love the sound of digital music as much as your analog system. Whatever product may interest you we have some great offers this month!
We wanted to thank all our customers who have supported us and built their own fantastic kits! We are constantly amazed at the dedication of our customer base and what it brings to the table. It has helped us build up our product range for 2015.

Many of our customers are selling their finished products and replacing with ANkits. It often starts with a DAC or Phono stage and ends up with Monoblock amplification. Indeed many of our customers are now enjoying complete ANKit systems. THANK YOU!

We can announce an exciting development here at ANKits. This summer we are to launch our new FACTORY ASSEMBLED division! Have your kit professionally built before delivery.
Meanwhile we are offering great kit builds by DigitalPete in the US.