Many of our customers have built up complete front end audiophile systems based around our kits.

With this in mind, from June 2013, we are offering for a limited time a discount on recommended sets of products as a combined system purchase. This will provide a world class tube based sound system at an incrediblly low price.


Our recommended systems are arranged as level components that will compliment each other and provide the best sound quality possible at their respective price points.

If you want to purchase a product combination not listed on our website, please contact us.


What you need to be aware of in choosing an Audiophile Level DAC!

It’s a complicated world out there in the land of digital audio with cheaper and cheaper solutions coming out on the market with higher and higher sampling rates!

Many manufacturers are offering very high priced DAC’s and others have offerings that cost next to nothing!


However, beneath all this fog and marketing confusion, there are essentially two digital to analogue conversion paths taken by the main manufacturers.

1. Oversampling using Delta Sigma type chips.
2. None Oversampling using R2R type chips.

In our report we explain in understandable terms how we believe the Audio Note path is the way to get the full potential out of Redbook recordings.