ANKits is happy to announce the release of the EL34-70 monoblocks. Each monoblock has 4 x EL34 Pentodes (8 x EL34s in total) for smooth and powerful amplification driven by the classic ECF80 NOS tube. These amplifiers are outstanding with both efficient or inefficient speakers where you need to feel the thunder roll.

If you are a classic or hard rock fan and need detail, slam and the warmth from an excellent EL34 amplifier then these could be the monoblocks for you. Want to feel the instruments breathing in your living room at higher than normal volumes? These will deliver the goods. Available with IE-Core or C-Core output transformers.


Both versions comprise the huge mains transformer T-190F along with our large CH-100W Choke used for both screen and high tension. They also features Mundorf film 30uF and 220uF four pole capacitors in the power supply which we also use in our very popular EL34 40W Monoblocks.

"We have been experimenting with 4 x EL34 70W power amplification monoblocks for several years. This is our final incarnation and we believe it is worthy of any audiophiles highest praises! Where you need to find out what your speakers are really capable of the EL34-70 will deliver”
Brian Smith, ANK Audio Kits

If you are buying Monoblocks check out our incredible line of Pre-amplifiers such as the Mentor L5 Pre-amplifier pictured above and save 10% with our ANK systems discount.