Audio Note R-2R DAC Circuits
It’s our 10th anniversary year and ANK Audiokits is proud to announce our highest level product offering to date – the Mentor Level 5 Series Pre-amplifier.

With this exciting new product and the development of our new Level 5 Series power supply ANK Audiokits is entering the world of ultra high end audio! Our shunt regulated power supply architecture utilizes dual 5U4G rectifier tubes and dual 4 pole chokes and will allow you to finally realize your investment in a power amplifier & tubes.

You will hear high end detail with shocking realism along with incredible dynamics and sensitivity to the incoming audio signal.

Our beta trial of the Mentor has been going exceptionally well and we are planning for a full release on Aug 15th 2015.

The list price will be 4950 USD as a DIY kit or 5500 USD built by Digital Pete for US customers. Unfortunately we may have to increase this price at the end of 2014 but for now that is the official list price. Also enquire about our specific voicing for the Mentor with Western Electric replica rectifier tubes and 6SN7 equivalents.

Check out our new product page on the website here.


“Simply an extraordinary piece of equipment and offered as a kit, it may be
the most unique high-end audio product in the world!”
Client quotation

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations we are offering FREE SHIPPING to customers in Europe & the UK. In addition, ANK Audiokits will pre-pay the IMPORT DUTY when your order ships!
Go to our website, login or register in the SHOP, add your chosen kit to checkout, and enter the code below into the final checkout page to automatically claim your free shipping.