Audio Note R-2R DAC Circuits

Merry Christmas to all our audio friends as we come to the end of 2015. It has been an exciting year at ANK Audiokits with several new products released and a lot of our website pages were updated. Our finished product division also got off to a great start and we have a strong order book for our higher end products. Looking to 2016 there are already some interesting announcements coming so stay tuned for further information! Hint: Brand new EL34 70W Monoblocks.

ANK Audiokits has grown over the last 12 years from humble DIY beginnings to a complete suite of high end two channel audio products including the new DAC 5.1 and the Mentor pre-amplifier. The Mentor Silver finished product is also to be launched in 2016.



Audio shows in 2015
We were at the California Audio show in August showing off two impeccably built pieces of gear – the Mentor 2.0 and the just released DAC 5.1, customers couldn't keep their hands off them! California customers are very knowledgeable audiophiles and we heard countless stories from kit builders and their houses full of gear!

We were also at the TAVES show in Toronto and had a demo room with a complete ANK system. It is not easy to attend shows as we have to keep production going for our DIY customers, but they always prove to be highly enjoyable.

  Now for my favourite audio memory
It was December 1976 and Olivia Newton John was all over the radio. I was just getting into vinyl and I asked my parents for the Olivia album “Don’t Stop Believin”. My friends were all listening to Led Zeppelin and Rush so I kept this a secret. When it finally got it onto my turntable the audio quality was astounding. Back then we still lived in an analog world from studio recording to mastering, no compression, real instruments, real drums and real voices.

Every year when Christmas rolls around I think back to that snowy day in '76 staring out the window listening to that album spinning on the turntable. It was put away for many years but now its one of my regular rotation vinyls. I also use it to test Digital reproduction as I know it so well I can listen to our DAC products and relive those same vinyl experiences.

Lets look at some of the things ANK Audiokits has achieved in 2015: