Audio Note R-2R DAC Circuits

It’s truly amazing to look at ANKits at the end of 2014 – 11 years after we started the business offering high end Audio Note based kits.

Literally thousands of kits have been shipped to every corner of the globe during that time, and when we look at our large product line today, it is truly a DIY dream!


There’s something for everyone – whether your are looking to build your first DAC or Kit1 or your first entry level tube amplifier like the L1. Or maybe you are a highly demanding audiophile and need the top of the line Interstage Single Ended monoblocks and Mentor pre-amplifier with the Audio Note 04 speaker kit.

Regardless of your budget we have a product that will put a large smile on your face!


I have to admit one of the time consuming processes in the kit business is preparing all the parts – it's something we do on a daily basis. This year the requirement to prepare parts for the new Level 5 Mentor pre-amplifier was very exciting.


After years of planning and preparing for the kit, to actually put all the parts, transformers, silver RCA’s and switches in their allotted sections was truly satisfying. Knowing that a lucky kit builder would be getting something that was highly unique in today’s world of audio.

This signifies a major new level for the ANKit business and foreshadows the exciting times we have ahead in 2015.

One of the biggest trends we have seen this year is customers interested not just in a DAC 2.1 or a Kit1 for example, they are asking about systems – an L3 Line with Legend Monoblocks or a Mentor pre-amplifier mated with the Interstages, or a DAC 3.1 and L3 Phono stage combination.


“Check out our latest website addition – our new Assembled Kits Gallery that you can find on our home page in the news panel (top right).
Here you can see countless awesome builds of our kits"


It is a complement for our business that customers are looking at complete ANKit systems. They are realizing the value that can be had from a well designed DIY system with rock solid circuits, components, chassis and transformers.


It’s taken a lot of great people to get the business to this point, and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart – along with the many customers who have steered us in the right direction along the way, as they are the ones the company has been built around.


And now for my own Christmas memory....

Around the age of 15 I heard my first David Bowie record – Aladdin Sane – and I was suddenly hooked on music! With Christmas around the corner I asked my father to get me a copy of David Bowie’s ‘Diamond Dogs’ LP. I can only imagine the scene at the record store when my British father with hat, briefcase and umbrella in hand asked the store clerk for a copy of “Diamond Dogs”

I’m sure my Dad was wondering what kind of music his son was listening to once the clerk handed him the record! I had a little chuckle when he told me the story and the store clerk saw the shock in his face. Then again it was 1975 & David Bowie was way out there, but the sound of those vinyl’s on a 60’s tube audio system was out of this world!

I just wanted to wish all our customers and suppliers a Merry Christmas and thank everyone involved in growing ANKits. We look forward to speaking, emailing & skyping with many of you next year. Have a wonderful holiday!

Brian Smith