Audio Note R-2R DAC Circuits
It’s been 3 months since our last Newsletter and high time we gave you an update! We have had a good run on the SET Interstage Monoblocks that are proving very popular and underlines what we always knew about this great amplifier. This is followed closely by our DAC models and the EL34 product line which has been taking off very strongly. And of course the Kit1 variants keep selling and selling. So may we thank all our customers for making the last 6 months quite a success here at ANKits. Brian Smith
We are having a big push on new manual development in 2015. Our aim is to make the manuals even better and easier to follow. The manuals are an important part of building our kits and we are going to continue upgrading the website and manuals in tandem throughout this year. To date we have worked on the Mentor, Kit1 and the EL34i with the Legend and Interstage in process at the moment. We are bringing the manuals up to the same level of quality as our website with amazing graphics and a uniform look and feel throughout. Thank you to the customers who have worked with us in these areas to ensure our manuals are as accurate as possible and easy to follow.
We are now shipping a subtle update to our Mentor pre-amplifier which was launched in the fall last year. Called the Mentor 2.0 it has some mechanical enhancements for additional space and a few part upgrades. The Mentor is our highest level pre-amplifier kit as well as being a dream build! We also want to thank our customers who bought the Mentor over the last year and for helping us fine tune this amazing pre-amplifier. The reviews keep coming in and are possibly the most staggering we have ever received. A world class pre-amplifier that happens to be available in DIY form.
We recently released the exciting new EL84 Single Ended Monoblocks with tube rectification. For those of you familiar with EL34 in Single Ended mode, you will appreciate the sonics that can be had. Couple that with HUGE high quality transformers and tube rectification along with an easy to build 3mm PCB and you have an amplifier kit second to none!

As well as the IE-Core version illustrated here, there is also the option to choose the Triple C-Core version. The huge C-Cores are the same physical size as the ones in the Kit1 300B Triple C-Core. Watch this space for more EL84 announcements!